Procekt trip reports

Project Trip January 2019

A more extensive description of work done in 2018 can be found in the Project Report 2018 (also at In 2018, we were able to lay a new power line all the way to „Trompete“, so that the technicians were able to make the home connections themselves.

Project Trip January 2018

Due to a strike of lightning in 2016 it was necessary for us, in January 2017, to make a damage report and with the help of an emergency power inverter and bring the installation back up and running again which we succeeded, (see report January 2017).

Project Trip June 2017

In January 2017 it was necessary for us to assess the damage caused be a strike of lightning in 2016.

Project Trip January 2017

In January / February 2016, the village network was extended to another part of the village. So, by the time we left Tula, at the beginning of February 2016, approximately 85 residential cottages, two churches, the village administration and school were joined onto the network.

Project Trip January 2016

In the course of 2015, approximately  50 houses (!) and two churches were connected and installed by the three trained technicians.

Project Trip January 2015

From December 2013 to March 2014, our six big transportation crates "rested" in the harbor of Djibouti, for a shocking storage fee of over 1000 Euro, with the motto "A loss is also a trade".

Project Trip January 2014

In Jan. / Febr. 2013 in Tula, important preparations for the later installation could be realized (foundation work; partial construction of the mast; see -Result report 2013 under

Project Trip January 2013

After the project village Debo has been established, in the Highlands of Ethiopia, where the Energy plant has been installed since 2007/08, despite some further necessary demands. The village Tula, in Southern Ethiopia could now be taken on as a new project village to be realised.

Project Trip June 2012

It was known that the trip was restricted both by time and staff, since it was mostly concerned with situation recordings and conversation about planning.

Project Trip January 2011

The trip 2011 consisted of a double goal: In Debo, the installation had to be inspected and the different orders to be taken care of by the technicians needed to be checked, see report 2010 under 3).

Project Trip October 2010

The Solar-Wind energy system in Debo has been running since February 2008. In February 2008, the wind power installation was supplemented with a solar installation and in October 2009 the sail blade turbine was replaced by a gearless three bladed turbine.

Project Trip October 2009

Since the supplement of the wind powered installation through a solar installation (1,4 KW) during the February action 2008, our installation in Debo virtually delivered electric energy without interruption for the health centre / hospital, street lighting, administration, individual school areas, workshop and church.

Project Trip January 2008

Project Trip January 2007