CreaProtect –
Wind energy for Ethiopia

Reusseina, a community actively in Ethiopa

Since 1997, parishioners from the village Rüsseina in Sachsen (near Meissen) together with their priest Dr. Jochen Hahn have occupied themselves with testing a self-constructed Wind Energy Turbine Unit. "CreaProtect", The projects name marks the true aims that the development team.-  in the widest sense of the word. To create and secure a project. Through the exhibition of the installation in the German Protestant Church Day in Berlin 2003 contact was made with the Ethiopian engineer Wolde Georgis Demissie living in Berlin. The development team in Rüsseina consists exclusively of private people and is in principle a not profit-making organisation.

The non-profit-making organisation „Windenergie für Äthiopien e. V.“ in Reusseina

Our initial group from 2005-2012 worked together with the group „Selbsthilfe Äthiopien e. V.“  (“Self-help in Ethiopia”. Berlin)  and in 2012 the non-profit-making organisation „Windenergie Äthiopien e. V.“ (Wind energy for Ethiopia), was founded. After we were already active in the village of Debo, in the highlands of Ethiopia, since 2005 in 2012 we began working independently setting up electricity sources in the village of Tula, in the mid-south of Ethiopia through wind and solar power.


In times of decreasing oil reserves and growing global environmental problems  our goal is , to provide an energy source through virtually exclusively alternative energy in  a large Ethiopian village. This has happend with wind and solar power. These two models within the village should represent a Reference object: One „ Big installation“, for approx. 200 homes (Wind-Solar) and a small solar support „Compact solution“, for about 70-80 homes. The goal is, to supply the complete approx. 280 families of the village, with electricity (230 V, 50 Hz). Since 2012, we are Partners with The Evangelical Mekane Yesus Church, whose foreign aid department can give the spread of this model a wider perspective in Ethiopia. In 2019, there were approx. 140 homes connected to the village network.

Instruction in project work

Each year, mostly January/February, a team of workers travel to Ethiopia (each year a different group, on a self-paid holiday) to Tula, to bit by bit, help complete the electricity network in the village. When possible, materials are obtained in Ethiopia (PV-sheets, different cables). The rest of the materials are transported in our Travel bags and suitcases and sometimes by ship (Tax-free through the Mekane Yesus Church). The cost of this is covered exclusively by donations. There are three young technicians in the Tula village, who after their training are now responsible for the maintenance and extension of the installation and network.

Why we do what we do.

  • Dr. Joachim Hahn

    What moves us internally is the conviction that there, at this small point on earth, we can make a difference. Something that brings a noticeable change. A change that radiates into the future.

  • Uli Kretzschmar

    The project fascinates me. It broadens my own horizons and at the same time leaves traces with us in Thula that are good for both. Between a thirst for adventure and the need to help meaningfully, at Creaprotect I particularly appreciate that we are close and can see that the help arrives. Anyone who has once looked into the grateful eyes of the villagers can no longer leave the project.

  • Jürgen Mummert

    It is a nice adventure for all of us. As we live together with the villagers throughout the project, hut to hut, we are part of the community for this brief moment and not tourists. It is important to me to leave something here and to meet people at eye level.

  • Martin Menzel

    So far I've been there 4 times and it was always a new adventure with many interesting people and experiences. What I like about the project is the simple structure and the idea of "smiling" the Ethiopian villagers with "little" effort.