The project in Tula

The project of Debo finds its further development in Tula.

From the start, the goal of the project work was to develop and test a wind power unit reproducible in Ethiopia. Over several years diverse experiences in puncto technology and organization could be collected in Debo. Since the wind conditions are too poor for a wind project in Debo, we want to start the entire system at a more windy location, where simultaneously a continuous care is guaranteed by a dependable partner. Only then, can one find out whether wind technology is an option as isolated system for the foreign aid to the energy production.

In January / February 2011 binding contacts were signed with the foreign aid department of the Protestant Mekane Jesus church, which will be a competent well established partner for the new project, with much experience in Ethiopia. The mountain village of Tula`` was proposed to us as project location, 23 km northwest of the city Hossaina (Approximately 240 km south of Addis Abeba). (see: Result Report 2011 under point 3)

In 2012, the village Tula was visited. Then it was possible to finish a binding agreement for the cooperation with the headquarters of the Mekane-Jesus-Church and to compose a more concrete plan. (Result Report under section 2 in 2012).

In the year 2013, work should begin towards the realization of this project step in Tula.

The total cost of the project is estimated alone at 50.000 Euro. Since these costs will be divided between the Ethiopian and German sides, each approximately 50 percent), we urgently require donations.

Details about the project Tula

Are available in the "project planning wind energy of Tula", here you can inform yourself about many details of the project.