a development aid wind power plant, designed in a village community in Saxony/Germany

CreaProtect - Wind energy for Ethiopia

Rüsseinaer community actively in Ethiopia

Since 1997, parishioners from the Sachsen village of Rüsseina (proximity Meißen) together with their vicar Father Jochen Hahn are investigating and testing a small wind energy installation, that one can produce as a Do-It-Yourself construction. "CreaProtect", the groups' name aims to create a feeling of what the development team wants, in the widest sense of the word "to protect creation". Through the exhibition of the installation, in the German Protestant Church Day, in Berlin 2003, contact came about with the Ethiopian engineer Wolde Georgis Demissie, living in Berlin. The development team in Rüsseina consists exclusively of private people and is in principle non-profit-oriented.

Project in Debo

Between 2005-2011, our Sachsen initiative group installed and developed one wind solar unit with Wolde Giorgis Demissie in the village Debo (Ethiopian highland) so that it is still working today. Information under "the project in Debo."

The new project in Tula

Since 2010, we have taken a second project village into view, the village Tula in the south Ethiopia, at the northwest edge of the Great Rife Valley. The extensive experiences of Debo should flow into this project. More information under "the project in Tula."

Perspectives of our projects

Our long-term objective is to bring the manufacture of a standardized "Africa mill" in Addis Abeba into progress. This should help strengthen the handwork in Ethiopia. Solar installations run well, but however, only with completely extravagant import costs involved.

The project "Wind energy for Debo and Tula" still needs your financial support