We bring light to Ethiopian villages.

For this we need your support.

What are we going to do? Great.

Since 2004, a small Saxon association has been continuously supplying power to a mountain region in southern Ethiopia. Solar and wind energy is used for this. The system works completely independently and supplies 230 volts for each connected hut. All team members work on a voluntary basis. They take vacation for the project and pay their own travel expenses. The material is financed through donations. In 2020/21 we want to send cables and battery blocks to Ethiopia and connect another 130 huts. The total cost will be € 40,000.

Where is our money going?

34,000 €

4,000 €
Material handling

2,000 €
Project costs

Why we do what we do.

  • Dr. Joachim Hahn

    What moves us internally is the conviction that there, at this small point on earth, we can make a difference. Something that brings a noticeable change. A change that radiates into the future.

  • Uli Kretzschmar

    The project fascinates me. It broadens my own horizons and at the same time leaves traces with us in Thula that are good for both. Between a thirst for adventure and the need to help meaningfully, at Creaprotect I particularly appreciate that we are close and can see that the help arrives. Anyone who has once looked into the grateful eyes of the villagers can no longer leave the project.

  • Jürgen Mummert

    It is a nice adventure for all of us. As we live together with the villagers throughout the project, hut to hut, we are part of the community for this brief moment and not tourists. It is important to me to leave something here and to meet people at eye level.

  • Martin Menzel

    So far I've been there 4 times and it was always a new adventure with many interesting people and experiences. What I like about the project is the simple structure and the idea of "smiling" the Ethiopian villagers with "little" effort.


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