a development aid wind power plant, designed in a village community in Saxony/Germany

Estimation of the daily demand for electricity in the public buildings of Debo.

Remark: It gets light at approximately 6.00 o'clock each day. The demand for electricity will be very low as the people can immediately begin to work outside. The school doesn't begin until 8.00 o'clock. In the evening, the people go to bed relatively early. The demand time for light is between 2 and 3 hours a day. These calculations were made from the installed means of light in Debo in 2009.

1. Hospital:

20-watts-illuminants:  3
60 W
11-watts-illuminants: 23
253 W
9-watts-illuminants:  7
63 W
water pump 900W 1h 900W
1.276 W

2. School:

At the moment only 2-3 areas have been connected: Since the teaching takes place in the day, light is only required in the specific classrooms, perhaps for an evening course or for the use of a teaching aid.

11-watts-illuminants:  4
44 W
2 Computers 200 W
244 W

3. Village market square and streets:

11-watts-illuminants: 16 
176 W
176 W

4. Administration buildings:

11-watts-illuminants:  4
44 W
7-watts-illuminants: 3
21 W
50-watts, electrical devices: 1  
50 W
115 W

5. Monastery:

The monastery consists of a typical big round church with surrounding walkway, diameter of the interior is approximately 20 m, interior walkways and the sanctum. 3 residential cottages and two storerooms were also provided with light.

20-watts-illuminants:  1
20 W
11-watts-illuminants: 13
143 W
7-watts, electrical devices: 2  
14 W
177 W

6. Workshop

20-watts-illuminants:  1
20 W
  Longer time
11-watts-illuminants: 1
11 W
  Longer time
small devices: 150-500 W  
250 W
281 W

Connected total output: 2.269W

Daily energy consumption (3 hr. of consumption without hospital water pump): 4.107 Wh

Day energy consumption with water pump (1 h): 5.07 KWh

A maximum of 2 KILOWATTS could be added in a short space of time for machines and appliances. The new inverter is designed to produce a maximum of 5 KILOWATTS.